Great replacement phones!

11 point inspection. Low one time price. No credit check.

* All phones compatible w/local service provider


Samsung S4 Mini






Moto G Play

Nice phone. Big screen, great for games




iPhone 6S

iPhone 6s in great shape. Tested and ready for SIM. Three Available.



Phone 6428.JPG

Moto G Play

Moto G Play 3rd Gen

Great shape. Ready to go!




LG Logos

Great shape! Great buy



Phone 6579.JPG


Big Screen. Great for social media and games.




*Hubcity Watch and Clock does not warranty or guarantee any electronic devices that are sold. These items are inspected and are operational at the time of sale. Hubcity Watch and Clock is not a cell phone service provider and does not represent itself as such. Reasonable steps were taken to ensure the devices compatibility with any stated provider. Not responsible for any damage the item may incur after sale ie. water-droppage-software, hardware or battery failure. This is an as-is sale. All defects that Hubcity Watch and Clock are aware of are made known to the customer.


Return Policy

Three day return policy from date of sale.


Refurbished-Inspected Cell Phones