STEP#1 Secure the latch on the cuckoo door with the wire holder that is on the clock

STEP #2 Pull the weights up so the hooks are resting underneath the base of the clock. Remove the weights and the pendulum. With the clock hanging on the wall, insert a piece of flexible wire or a twist tie through all the chains as close as you can to the base of the clock. This prevents the chains from falling off their wheels. 

STEP #3 Take your clock off of that wall and lay it face down on a table ( This wont hurt it) Slide the back panel holders up and remove the back of the clock. No worries, you wont hurt it! 

Step#4 Secure the bellows ( the flat little wooden pieces with paper on them) with a clip made from an old paper clip. This helps in keeping the wires from possibly being bent in transport. You can also place a piece of tape on the gong wire or place a piece of paper or cardboard on the rear door of the clock to protect the wire. Replace the rear of the clock.     

Step#5 Place the clock face up in a cardboard box that has about 3'' clearance all around. You can also place the clock in a bag ( Shopping bag works well). Use packing peanuts to cushion the clock in the box. 

REMEMBER- There is no need to ship the weights with the clock ( saves you on shipping) we use our own to run the clock.  

**Please notify us as soon as you ship the item and provide us your UPS or USPS tracking #. We will email you as soon as we receive your package! We will keep you informed every step of the way :-)

SHIP TO: Hub City Watch and Clock

                 No. 5 East Charles

                 Oelwein, IA 50662